My current work is a collaboration with Susan Parker-Leavy; an artist and a friend. We have been interested in the relationship of food and ceramics for sometime and our main drive has been to think about our own relationship with food and how we eat sustainably.

So we are travelling down a path of discovery by designing plates that are inspired by the Healthy Eating Plate; an evidence based visual guide that provides a blueprint for eating a healthy meal.


We live in extraordinary times, our food culture brings many positives, yet the challenges are also complex, levels of obesity have rapidly increased globally, despite the wealth of information available, it remains one of the biggest social issue of our time.


We believe that creating beautiful crafted ceramics can create a closer dialogue between the vessel and food. Through playful interaction, we want to provoke conscious thought about eating habits and how eating mindfully can make you feel good without taking away the enjoyment of food. 

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