As a ceramic artist, I make use of the wonderful versatility that clay gives and I play with the marriage of form and surface decoration. I’m interested in capturing the essence of the human journey, by referencing popular and traditional culture and our use of everyday objects.


I like to replay our memories of everyday objects, restoring their value while aesthetically challenging our senses. These objects thus become the subject and have the power to both provoke thought and I hope, amuse and amaze.


My preoccupation with the form and surface allows me to essentially carry subtle, graphic surface images and use the clay in 2D as a painter may do. I work by building layers of colour and importantly the surface is not merely decorative but is an active element of the work that draws the onlooker in closer.

My new works are slip casted vessels from white, translucent porcelain; each of the designs are individually altered in relation to the space and distance they will occupy from each another. Some of the vessels are sitting within an architectural form (the saucer), as if they are within their own ceramic landscape.