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Susan, a researcher by trade and currently the Head of the Library at the Islamic Art Museum. The museum has a large collection of rare gastronomy books. She has found a wonderful playful book called “L empire des Legumes” (1851). A masterpiece of nineteenth-century French book-illustration. The other rare book is Miss Beeton’s Book of Household Management (1861), illustrated with many monochrome and colour plates. It is an extensive guide to running a household in Victorian Britain.

We research the scientific evidence around food and diet. The Harvard Medical School created 'The Healthy Eating Plate', It offers more specific and more accurate recommendations for following a healthy diet. The Healthy Eating Plate is based on the most up-to-date nutrition research, and it is not influenced by the food industry or agriculture policy

We also research food culture from all countries. Indian Thali is an ancient way to present, enjoy and digest food. It has been influenced by the science of Ayurveda, and its nutritional approach is part of the Indian culture.


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